Help the IHS Alumni Association
“Cover” the Cost of our New Tent!

Your Alumni Association is purchasing a new field tent. The tent cover alone is $369, and we’ve got that covered, but it would be great if a few alums could help us fund the $200 cost of adding “Independence Blue Devils” on one side and “Donated by the I H S Alumni Association” on the other. Adding the Blue Devil mascot on one peak would be another $295. So if you, or a group of you, would like to support this project with a donation of either $200 or $295, please let us know by Monday, November 30.

This tent really gives the Alumni Association some great visibility at the games, so we’d love to have it really decked out! Thanks for considering a donation to this important project.

Your IHS Alumni Association

Hoping all have a happy Thanksgiving!

From Your IHS Alumni Association Board

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