Hello Alumni

The June 12 meeting is one not to miss! We will be awarding Mayor Togliatti with the Diploma of Distinction and refreshments will be served upon conclusion of the ceremony. The business of the meeting will center on our annual Breakfast in the Park, and we are asking that everyone consider a donation to our basket raffle. Your contribution can be large or small...anything from a themed basket to just one of the components on a theme. Listed below are some items we are looking for:

  • Browns, Indians, Cavs item
  • Lottery Tickets for a tcket tree
  • Crisp $1 bills for money tree
  • Wine or Liquor bottles
  • Gift Cards ($5, $10 or $20)
  • Jewelry

Please bring your donation to the meeting if you will be attending. If not, watch for another email with details on where you can drop off items.

Hope to see you st 7 pm on June 12 at the IHS media center.

Your IHS Alumni Officers

Upcoming Class Reunions

Class of 1975
August 5th, 2017 -- Home Days Weekend!
60th Birthdays and 42nd Class Reunion
Contact Nancy Krause, nakc2@aol.com or
Contact Ron Shadrach, rjshadrach@sbcglobal.net

Class of 77 Reunion
August 5, 2017 -- Home Days Weekend!
40th Class Reunion
Contact Danielle Boberek, danielleboberek@gmail.com

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