Class of 1970, 50 year + 1, reunion

Members of the 50th reunion committee first met at the Civic Center and then began meeting monthly at a classmate’s house. Our classmate information slowly mounted as we made every effort to make sure no stone was unturned in our search. Meanwhile we checked out venues, assembled a budget and fine tuned our communication plan. A variety of locations were one by one eliminated until we finally settled on the “Shanty” at St. Michael’s Woodside. Laurie’s Custom Catering was hired for the meal and the menu was set.

At Friday’s Homedays event at the Kiwanis Beer and Wine pavilion, thirty four classmates and some of their guests of were name tagged and stories were exchanged. Bill Wagner made the rounds with his yearbook garnering signatures from many of those at hand.

On Saturday a group of us set up the tables, decorations, a memorial table, sound system, bar and signage. Name tags were distributed to attendees as people began to filter in. People found friends and beverages and staked out individual tables. Appetizers and salads quickly disappeared.

We were pleased that five former teachers were able to attend our event. Classmates names were announced and the cake was cut and served. The rest of the night was spent socializing. Lots of stories and reports of high school high jinx were shared. The following week emails were received expressing positive feedback and the question,”when are we going to have another get together?”

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By Dale Veverka