Alumni Integral Chairpersons

Peggy Korecko ’88, Social Media
Don Krolikowski ’77, Website
Michael Janatovich (IHS Principal), Honorary V.P.
Gwen Schmidt-Manfredi ’68, Pub-Rel.
Amber Veverka ’07, Newsletter Editor
Dave Stefanski ’80, Membership Chair
Nancy McCormick ’75, Hospitality

The Alumni Association meets the second Monday of the month in March, June, September and November.

Important Dates:

Friday 8/2/2024, Home Days Alumni Tent Elmwood Park
Saturday 8/3/2024, Home Days Alumni Tent Elmwood Park
Sunday 8/4/2024, Home Days Breakfast in Elmwood Park
Monday 9/9/2024, 7pm Alumni Meeting
Monday 11/11/2024,7pm Alumni Meeting