Alumni Integral Chairpersons

Vickie (Weicek) Rich ’70, Hospitality
Peggy Korecko ’88, Social Media
Don Krolikowski ’77, Website
James Hogue (IHS Principal), Honorary V.P.
Gwen Schmidt-Manfredi ’68, Pub-Rel.
Amber Veverka ’07, Newsletter Editor
Dave Stefanski ’80, Membership Chair

The Alumni Association meets the second Monday of the month in March, June, September and November.

Important Dates:

Monday 3/11/2024, Alumni Meeting
Monday 6/10/2024, Alumni Meeting
Friday 8/2/2024, Home Days Alumni Tent Elmwood Park
Saturday 8/3/2024, Home Days Alumni Tent Elmwood Park
Sunday 8/4/2024, Home Days Breakfast in Elmwood Park
Monday 9/9/2024, Alumni Meeting
Monday 11/11/2024, Alumni Meeting